What are you thankful for?


Two months ago I asked “what’s your excuse?” today I’m asking “what are you thankful for?” With the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, this is a great opportunity to take a moment and give thanks, not only to your loved ones, but to yourself as well. We’ve been focusing a lot on the fitness and nutrition aspect of empowerment, so for now let’s change gears and have a look at your inner wellbeing and overall mindset, by this I mean recognizing all of the efforts that you put in to each day.

We all face many challenges day in day out and sometimes we’re thrown curveballs that practically wipe the floor with us, but we’re still here, still standing (so to speak). It takes a tremendous amount of will to power through those tough times, in fact it takes a tremendous amount of will power just to get up out of bed each day. It would be so easy to just lay there and shut out the world, and sometimes it’s very tempting, so take a moment to acknowledge the fact that with each passing day you continue to push and grow towards becoming the best version of yourself. When hard times hit, you may be thinking “Why?” I try to think of it like this: We’re never given anything more than what we can handle, and tough times are the universe’s way of showing us what we’re made of. So just remember that the next time you’re having a rough day; you can totally handle it.

When it does come to your health, it’s important to recognize the little things that you do and the small decisions that you make that help you become a healthier you. Wherever you’re at right now; if you are super fit, need to drop a lot of weight, or just the last few pounds, try to see the decisions that you make towards your level of activity and the food you eat as a choice to live healthfully. Regardless if it’s one small decision or a grand one, give yourself props for doing the best you can. Take time to reflect on these choices and how they really all add up to a better life filled with good health and empowerment. Whether it’s choosing sorbet over ice cream, or grilled tofu instead of steak, whether it’s second nature or it feels like pulling teeth, keep in mind the why.

I’ve spent most of my life trying to keep active and make good nutritional choices, and I know how hard it is to pass up on the pad-thai and spring rolls. I also know what it’s like when you slip up and eat a giant bucket of pasta with several glasses of wine at the end of a long day (ahem yesterday). It happens, we all get off track at one point or another, sometimes it lasts quite a while and takes longer to get back into a good routine again. When I end up in that space and find myself thinking up reasons of why I should totally eat those fries and skip my workout, I remind myself that I will not only feel bloated, I will also feel guilty and I’d rather save myself the trouble, workout and make my own version of fries that are baked in the oven instead.

We have a lot of negative self talk, so why not take this upcoming holiday as an opportunity to quiet our own inner bully and instead give a microphone to our inner cheerleader. Be thankful to yourself for the effort that you put in to each day, be thankful for your willpower however limited it may seem to be at times, and be thankful for the courage that gets you up out of bed every morning. Remember that if you want to achieve something new, you have to be willing to do something that you’ve never done before in order to get there. So if you want to lose weight and keep it off then try a new strategy, talk to your doctor and enlist the help of a friend who can help hold you accountable. If you want to build muscle like I do, then you gotta eat more (as crazy as it seems) and lift really heavy weights (don’t worry you won’t bulk) and if you want to feel good and be healthy then you have to make the conscious decision to do so each day.

I’m usually not one for the sappy stuff, but every once and a while it’s a good thing to think that way as it lets you remember your reasons for living the life that you do. What I would like to say now is that I have a lot to be thankful for: I’m thankful for my family and that they read each blog post that I publish (thanks for the feedback Dad!), I’m also thankful that my boyfriend is as much of a health nut as I am and I’m thankful to you for reading this. Not to get all mushy, but thank you, I love writing about this and I hope that you get some good takeaways from these posts.

If you do celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy the time with your loved ones be them family, friends, a special someone or even co-workers. Make this meal your treat meal and eat well, but be reasonable, I highly doubt that you really want to spend the next day sitting on the toilet (sorry for the TMI). Keep at it and always be good to yourself.

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