Are you sitting for too long?


If you’re like most people then you probably spend the better part of each day siting down. With all the modern conveniences at our fingertips, coupled with longer commutes and less labour intensive tasks it’s no wonder the average person is sitting down pretty much all the time. What may surprise you though is that this can actually impact your health in many ways.

This may sound really intense, but sitting increases your chance of dieing of all natural causes…I swear this is an actual scientific fact. Why? Because your body is not in motion and the human body is meant to move. When sitting for prolonged periods it impact your blood pressure, metabolism, hormones, muscles, bones, and pretty much everything else. It can also affect your ability to digest food and although you may be tempted to lie down after a big meal, that’s one thing you should always avoid as it can cause indigestion and acid reflux. You also burn less overall calories when seated, so if you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight, get up off your butt now!

There are a few simple strategies that you can adopt to spend less time sitting and more time on your feet, burning more calories and staying healthy. My first suggestion to you is this: always keep a glass of water with you and sip throughout the day, that way you’re not only hydrated, but you will have to get up regularly to go to the bathroom. This is especially great for those with a desk job that requires sitting for most of the day. Another solution is to get into the habit of standing up and walking around your office once every hour for just a few minutes; take some time to talk to your colleagues and loosen up a bit. Try going for a walk on your lunch break too, even just ten minutes will do wonders for you. If you use public transit, try standing on the bus or metro instead of always grabbing a seat, and if the weather’s nice why not get off one stop early and walk to your destination? That way you can move more and enjoy the great outdoors. When talking on the phone, stand up and walk around a bit whether at home or the office. When you are home, especially after dinner be sure to get up and move around; remember it’s better for digestion if you stand after eating. So go outside for a walk or just get up from the table, maybe do a few chores before parking yourself on the couch in front of the tv. These are simple habits that you can easily incorporate into your day without impacting your busy schedule or inconveniencing you.

Although it’s nice to sit down and take a rest, doing it for too long can really harm your health. It may be a challenge to keep moving, especially with the lifestyle norms that practically force us to sit all day, but it so important be up and in motion. Even if you schedule workouts, you still have to stand and walk around regularly in order to be really healthy and stay that way. So get up from the couch and and get moving!

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