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2015-01-06 13.45.56Happy New Year! With 2015 in full swing there are tons of new fitness trends popping up pretty much everywhere these days. Since many people choose a new year’s resolution related to health and fitness, this is the time when most decide to either join a gym or try a new fitness class to get themselves back in shape after the holiday season. Today we’re going to look at 3 new fitness trends that seem a bit out of the box, but promise exceptional results.

No doubt by now you’ve already heard of Hot Yoga, it’s very popular and I must admit it’s also pretty awesome. Many gyms and studios are now offering a variation to this with Hot Barre. Barre consists of bodyweight, strength training exercises typically used by ballet dancers to train and develop their muscles, and with Hot Barre it’s the same principle except you’re in a heated room. It’s believed that when performing certain exercises like yoga, pilates or barre in a heated room the body is capable of elongating and stretching itself further than at room temperature allowing a person to go deeper into the movement and therefore get better results. Another claim to these workouts is that it can improve circulation and release toxins from the body through sweating which can lead to better overall health. I’ve tried barre exercises before and they are really challenging, I can honestly say that it hurts sooooo bad, but it really is a great low impact workout as the exercises focus on smaller muscle groups and can greatly improve one’s posture. The studio where I take weekly Hot Yoga classes offers Hot Barre so maybe one of these days I’ll wander in to a class and give it a try… if I do I will keep you posted!

Another trend we’re going to look at is Paddleboard Yoga, which started making headway last year and is quickly becoming a regular workout for lots of yoga enthusiasts. Essentially you practice yoga poses on a stand up paddleboard in the water, which sounds like an intense variation to yoga and it basically is. This workout takes a tremendous amount of balance and therefore core strength just to keep you from falling off the board and into the water. A workout of this nature is almost like a yoga fusion to the extreme, with Paddleboard Yoga your body strengthens as it stretches and lengthens with each pose. Many gyms and studios offer beginner how-to classes on land to let you get used to the movement and build up enough strength before heading out to the water. When the class begins everyone swims out in the water with their board as a mini warm up before begin the yoga poses and the class ends with a seated meditation. In terms of proper clothing it’s recommended that on really hot days one wears a bathing suit and on mild days wear regular your regular yoga apparel. In most areas these classes are only offered during summer months (obviously) since most people probably don’t want to risk falling off of a paddleboard into freezing cold water in the middle of winter, unless you’re part of the Polar Bear Club. To each his own!

The final new trend we’re going to look at is Pole Dancing. These classes were created years ago with the intention of empowering women to gain confidence and have fun. Nowadays classes are available in most cities whether at dance studios or fitness clubs and the focus has shifted to a more intense workout to sculpt and build muscle along with building self-esteem. These workouts are by no means similar to what dancers perform at strip clubs; it takes a lot of strength to be able to lift yourself on a pole, just think about how hard it is to do a pull-up, the principle is pretty much the same here. Pole dancing classes were developed by not just dancers, but acrobats and fitness competitors and it shows; it is notorious for being a killer workout that yields amazing results. There are a few spots that offer these classes in my area, I have yet to try it but I may give it a whirl if I’m feeling particularly adventurous.

This is a great time to try something new whether it’s joining a new fitness club or trying out a different class; it’s a good idea to mix things up a bit and keep your body guessing. Most gyms offer discounts on memberships or class packages without any membership fees otherwise you always have the option of going with a workout DVD or online video. Whatever you choose to try give it your all and be sure to give it time, you may feel a bit awkward at first, but you’ll be in super shape before you know it!

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