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Hey there! I’m Denise, vegan athlete, Bikini Competitor and Certified Personal Trainer. I am a blogger and enthusiast of all things health and fitness. I believe that everyone is capable of putting their own health needs first regardless of circumstances, obligations and current lifestyle. If I was able to push past the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and create a lifestyle centered around good health without neglecting my responsibilities, then so can you!

My Story



Fitness has always been a part of my life. From following workout videos with my mom in our basement, to taking up jogging with my dad and now competing as a bodybuilder, exercise has and will always be a constant for me. There was however a period in my life when I pretty much let myself go and the freshman 15 was more like to freshman 30! At 18 years old I found myself developing a slew of medical issues including some intense digestive problems that required I start taking medication. Once I realized that I was living an unhealthy lifestyle and moving towards being overweight, I decided to take action and lose weight. I started working out from home 5 days a week and I cut out junk food. Within 6 months I had dropped 25 pounds and my digestive problems were no longer an issue. Unfortunately in the years that followed, I was inconsistent and was always gaining and losing the same 10 pounds time and again. I was focused only on cardio for fear of bulking up and looked only at the number on the scale and calorie content of food. Needless to say, I was skinnyfat for many years.

After coming across magazines and articles showcasing the impact of weightlifting, I decided to start picking up dumbbells and pump some iron. With time I started to notice how weightlifting was sculpting my body in a way that cardio never did. I also shifted from only looking at calorie content to taking the entire nutritional content into consideration when it came to meals; I discovered that nourishment is the key to health and that you cannot out-train a bad diet. This was also around the time that I discovered the veganism; it was something that really spoke to me and allowed me to get the best nutrition as possible. I can safely say that in the seven years since then, I have never looked back and I’ve also never had any nutritional deficiencies in that entire time.

In 2016 I decided to take the plunge and kick my fitness up a notch by training for my first bodybuilding competition. I did it entirely plant based over the span of 8 months. I was so thrilled with the results and the entire experience that I have since competed twice more. Just recently I competed at the Provincial Championship where I earned a spot as a CBBF Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder! Not only am I ranked 4th in my province, but in 2018 I will have the honour in competing at the CBBF National Championship events with a shot at earning an IFBB Elite Pro Card and competing at the international level. The experience of competing is truly amazing and the entire bodybuilding culture is something really fun to immerse yourself into.

I am here to help you finally let go of all that’s holding you back from getting the body you’ve always dreamed of. Together we will bridge the gap between your physical health and your mindset. Here you’ll find my holistic approach to fitness and nutrition will allow you to push past the dieting and the number on the scale and instead learn how to take care of yourself without going to an extreme. I am here to help you move past the excuses and obstacles standing in your way to reaching diet freedom. Together we will fit exercise and nutrition into your life as seamlessly as possible, and I promise, it is far simpler to do than you think!

Thanks for visiting my site! I would love to hear from you how I can help, so feel free to reach out anytime. When you’re ready schedule your FREE, 1 on 1 intro call with me where we can chat about your goals and how I can help you get there.

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