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The Hard – ish Part

With only a few weeks left until I step onstage, things are getting intense. I’m up to 1.5 gallons of water per day (not counting coffee) and I’m down to about 1200 calories per day mostly coming from protein (fat is almost non existant and carbs are limited to veg and a little post workout sweet potato). The goal now is to take off any tiny bit of body fat so that all of my hard earned muscle and curve will show while I’m under the bright stage lights.

Although I started my prep back in March, it’s now the end of October and that means it’s time to “tighten up” as my coach put it. Thankfully my entire training wasn’t quite as intense as it is now; many competitors go super low calorie from the get-go and spend months doing two 60 minute cardio sessions per day plus weightlifting! Yikes. Now I’m at 5 weightlifting days and 5 fasted cardio days each week and even that will shortly be done as I get closer to show day.

For now though, sleep is my best friend. When I don’t get restful sleep I feel lethargic and snippy. The important thing to keep in mind with any intense training is that the harder it gets, the greater the recovery time your body will need in order to see results. Another interesting thing is that although I have cut out weekly treat meals at this point, I surprisingly don’t miss it. Before I would count down the days to my next treat meal, making big plans for what I would indulge in, but now there’s nothing. No cravings, nothing. It certainly helps to look in the mirror and see my six-pack of abs and cellulite free tush, but all in all I’m good. The first few days on this stricter diet were challenging (as it usually goes with any diet change), but I got used to it really fast and the only time I get hangry is when I’ve gone past the 2 hour mark since my last meal.

I continue to get creative with my allotted ingredients for each meal, so there is no deprivation here. Most recently I came up with a protein packed postworkout waffle that I love and find is only fitting for the cooler autumn weather.

Pumpkin Spice Waffle



4 oz baked sweet potato (without skin)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1 tsp cinnamon

pinch of nutmeg, cardamom, clove (optional)


In a bowl mash sweet potato until smooth then add the remaining ingredients and mix until well combined (texture should resemble a thick batter). Heat waffle iron on medium-high, when ready pour in batter and spread evenly throughout. Cook until golden and crispy.

I’m usually not one for cooking with heat when it comes to protein powder, but this recipe is really good and combines the complex carbs and lean protein to help me recover post workout. You may have heard of protein pancakes and such; they have been very popular with bodybuilders for many years and are now becoming more mainstream for those looking for a healthier alternative to the standard (and unhealthy) breakfast. Instead of spending money on the expensive pre-made mixes that you can sometimes find in store for a hefty price, try your own recipe instead (like this one) or do a quick google search for protein pancake recipe and you will find tons. There are plenty of options that play around with protein sources (some use egg whites or silken tofu instead of protein powder) and complex carbs as well.

As I’m nearing the end of this training, I’ve come to realize that the final weeks of contest prep are a lot like kindergarten where snacks are scheduled, naptime is essential, and you’re always right on the edge of throwing a tantum. It’s funny because I swear its true. Without question, this entire experience has been completely worth it. I’ve learned so much and have a far better appreciation of how important it is to put your health first, always. Being stage lean may be only short term, but the journey towards it is really spectacular.

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Running on Empty


Two words: Fasted Cardio.  This method of training is very popular amongst bodybuilders and although I was hoping to avoid this throughout my contest prep, unfortunately that’s no more. It can rough and incredibly challenging (as it has been for me since I’ve started) or it can be just a regular part of your routine (as it is for many who follow this approach).

The idea behind fasted cardio is that you wake up in the morning, maybe take a pre workout, but do not consume any food whatsoever including protein shakes, and then you start your day off with a cardio session. This approach is mainly geared towards fat loss as some believe that when you workout on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, you have the potential to burn more overall body fat. When you’re asleep your body is fasting and tends to hold on to its carbohydrate stores and can be geared towards using fat stores as fuel instead for its caloric use. Some people swear by this method, while others are hesitant (as I was). Research is fairly mixed on this topic as some results do in fact show that there is fat loss with fasted cardio, but other studies will show no real difference between a pre cardio meal or none. One big concern though, is muscle loss. Whenever you are trying to lose weight (and ultimately fat) there is the risk of losing muscle as well. With fasted cardio what happens is that the body can also turn to its amino acid stores (the building blocks of protein) and may cause you to start breaking down muscle tissue as well as fat. No good!

How to avoid this and optimize fat loss? Before hitting the pavement, have a scoop of BCAAs, which is known for stopping the breakdown of muscle, and have a quick digesting protein as soon as you’re done with cardio and combine it with something slow digesting as well. I opt for a shake of a fat free plant based protein blend with another scoop of BCAAs, along with a non starch vegetable sautéed with coconut oil. I know it sounds totally unappealing, but it’s very effective for me as I am nearing show day.

Right now I am  5 weeks away from my first competition and so my nutrition and workout plans have massively changed, hence the fasted cardio. I went from 4 days of 20 minutes cardio intervals along with 5 weight training days per week, to 5 days 30 minutes fasted cardio and 4 days of weight training instead. The goal now is the preserve muscle and drop the last bit of fat before I step on stage. I stopped doing fasted workouts years ago, when I realized that my sleep was being compromised, but of course back then I didn’t have all the knowledge about health and fitness as I do now. Thankfully I’m not up at the crack of dawn for my cardio, so I am able to get restful sleep, but it doesn’t make it that much easier. The first 2 days on my new plan were rough; I could feel the emptiness in my belly throughout my run, I had to move at a slower pace than usual and when I reached the 30 minute mark I would have stop altogether to get my bearings before being able to start my cool down walk. By the third day though, I started to feel significantly better and each day since, I feel improvements. Why? Because this dumb-dumb ran out of BCAAs last week and didn’t buy any until 2 days after starting my plan! What a difference once supplement can make.

Since I started my training back in March, every six weeks I would get and start a new plan from my coach; I always find that the first week is the hardest. The workouts feel super intense and the diet feels strict, even though it hasn’t very restricted, it was challenging, but I have always seen great changes in my physique as a result of being regimented and following everything as best as possible. I am so close to show day that I can practically feel what it will be like when I take to the stage, and although these last weeks in prep will no doubt be the most challenging, this will also be what gets me across the proverbial finish line.

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The Bodybuilding Bride


Earlier this month I tied the knot with my long time better half of over 11 years! My wedding was awesome and actually took place eight weeks before my very first bodybuilding competition; basically I was right in the thick of contest prep during the biggest day of our lives. Just because it was a special day didn’t mean that I would be slacking off from my regiment and indulging like a maniac in everything in sight and the same goes for my honeymoon beach vacation the following week. Here is what I did to stay on track, but while still having the best time and enjoying every minute of this incredible occasion.

Although most would probably say to themselves “It’s my wedding day, why would I hit the gym? I just want to be pampered all day long”, that wasn’t me or my groom to be for that matter. I woke up earlier than usual (at 6am to be exact) to get my workout in. Thankfully I was staying at my mom’s place, who’s building happens to have a fully equipped gym, making it very easy for me to alleviate any potential excuses for slacking off. I had a great workout; the gym was quiet as there were only two other people there and the is a great view overlooking the water so I got to watch the sunrise will simultaneously completing my sets of bicep curls. I even made sure to give myself enough time to practice posing following my workout; at this point it’s so important to practice for at least 10 minutes per day in my competition heels. I also made sure that I continued with my usual supplements, shakes, well balanced meals and kept myself hydrated throughout the day. The main event went smooth and then it was time for our kickass reception and for my weekly treat meal! The food was delish! As I don’t drink alcohol, I opted for a couple of mocktails instead during the party and had an awesome time!

The following day we headed out for our honeymoon. The 4 hour plane ride to the south was bearable but dry. Traveling by plane is always known to cause bloating due to the super dry air onboard. Although I was constantly drinking tons of water throughout the flight, I had massive dry mouth and could feel my belly gradually getting more bloated by the minute. I did plan ahead and packed some snacks and supps for the trip (check out my video here for more details on what I packed to keep me on track) and they were a massive help to keep me from having to resort to the unhealthy stuff instead. When we landed it was so humid and hot, that again the bloating continued. It’s just one of those things that tends to happen during travel, especially when going to a climate much hotter than what you’re used to.

We chose wisely when it came to our accomodations; the resort had several fully equipped gyms and plenty of restaurant choices including a massive buffet with tons of options. In terms of nutrition, I focused on always eating tons at each meal and adding some whole grains, beans and a treat or two of the local cuisine. Obviously I wanted to enjoy myself without going overboard, so when I did eat something “off plan” I made sure it was something special and local that I can’t just get at my grocery back home, and I also made sure that the portion of these treats weren’t too crazy either. I couldn’t track my macros, so I just had eyeball everything. It was challenging in that I knew and could taste that there  was oil, salt and seasonings were added to pretty much everything, so my salt and fat intake was definitely higher than usual, but I kept everything as balanced as possible. A very nice surprise that I discovered on my first day was that the buffet had soy milk! Although it was sweetened, I had some everyday as I wanted to get a little extra protein wherever I could. I also used it to make myself a quickie version of overnight oats at breakfast every morning; I found at the buffet plain rolled oats so I would take a few spoonfuls of oats, add some soymilk and then top it with toasted coconut and pumpkin seeds and then let it absorb for about 20 minutes. It was great and everyday day I got to have oatmeal and a good amount of fiber and complex carbs.

Working out with my hubby!


In terms of sticking with my workouts, well I’m happy to say that I got all of my weightlifting workouts in. Now the gyms didn’t have every piece of machinery that you’d typically see in the large fitness centers, but they had more than enough for me to work up a good sweat and challenge myself too. The problem with the machines, was that the weights were all in kilos instead of pounds and the minimum weight on the machines was almost double that of the machines at my local gym. So for the exercises that I complete that are in the higher rep and lower weight range, it was next to impossible to complete. My form was off and I just couldn’t do it, instead of giving up altogether I focused on alternative exercises with free weights instead, and it was just as good. Unfortunately, my cardio session were a bit scattered, not because of laziness or some lame excuse, but because it was really stuffy in the gym. Even with ac, we might as well have been working out right on the beach, because it was super hot. Physically there was no way that I could get through 20 minutes of intervals in that heat without risking keeling over, so I did shorter session with intensity instead.

Another key component to my staying on track was that I knew I would have to stay as hydrated as possible throughout the day. So I made sure that I always had water with me. What was very funny was that on our first day, the reception employees told us to drink at least 2 litres of water per day to avoid getting overheated and sick. They then mentioned “I know it’s more what you’re used to, but very important”. I couldn’t stifle my laugh as I am now up to drinking 5 litres per day for my contest prep, so needless to say, this would not be an issue.

This trip was amazing and relaxing; it definitely helped temporarily diminish the intensity of bodybuilding in that my main focus was taking it easier and lying on the beach everyday, instead of always thinking about my upcoming show. Prep can be very hard and stressful on the body, so this vacation allowed to incorporate some relaxation into the mix and get a new perspective in terms of how I can continue including some extra “me time” even when back home.

I am very happy to say that although I did come home bloated after a week on the beach, it only took a few days for my body to start feeling normal again (check out this video here on how I managed to debloat and fast). What’s more, is that once I started getting back into my usual regiment my body rebounded very quickly and I started to see big changes and progress once again. At this point I am 7 weeks out and well on my way. For the first time, I was able to go on vacation, actually enjoy myself without going overboard on the food and coming back several pounds heavier. Instead I took in all of the experiences at my fingertips while staying healthy without any kind of deprivation and strictness. Best vacation ever!

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Contest Prep: Posing Part 2

Earlier this week I visited my coach for our third posing session together. I am happy to say that it went really well and that my coach mentioned that with each session I am getting better and looking more confident going through each pose. There is still room for improvement, but thankfully at 10 weeks out, there is plenty of time to get it all down to a science.

Posing really is everything when it comes to show day; especially for Bikini competitors; not only are the judges looking at your physique, but they also keep an eye out for poise, confidence and overall presentation. So many times athletes will come into to a show looking fantastic and will be well balanced with curves and muscle definition, but they place poorly because their posing isn’t on point. Many competitors that do especially well either have a dance or sports background, so naturally they are athletic and agile. I however have minimal experience with this; sure I’ve taken ballet classes and I workout often, but I’ve never trained in this way before, which is why I knew I had to start posing as early as possible…I am so glad that I did.

As I mentioned in my earlier post Contest Prep: Posing, we have mandatory poses to go through especially during comparisons (i.e. quarter turns). Each pose faces its own challenges as you need to place your body in a way so that you look well proportioned with an hourglass-type shape, all while maintaining good posture, without overly sticking out your booty, keeping your core pulled in and keeping a big smile on your face without looking as though you are in any pain whatsoever . In reality though your muscles ache, your feet hurt from the heels, you’re dehydrated and standing under big bright lights with your skin the color of mahogany, makeup that would make a drag queen look tame and a really massive hairdo. Up close you look hilarious, but on stage you look stunning.

That being said, since all that effort goes into looking a gorgeous an equal amount of effort has to go into presenting just as well. The areas that I need to work on mostly involve transitioning from one pose to the next. The movement needs to flow so that you don’t end up looking stiff because you’ll ultimately look awkward and uncomfortable. For me, once I’m in the pose it’s perfect, but actually moving from one position to the next still isn’t quite there yet. Thankfully I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong and now I know exactly how to transition. Case in point, when holding front pose and moving into side pose I would move my entire body and shift all of my weight one shot which looked terrible, what I am now doing is just turning my hips around while maintaining the position of my legs and then gliding my left foot to my right aligning both legs and twisting my upper body to get into the side pose. It sounds a little technical and very specific, but it’s had a huge impact on how I present.

What the judges are looking for with my division are broad shoulders, small waist and shapely glutes and hamstrings. I don’t have broad shoulders so in order to create the illusion of this, when moving through each pose I will need to roll my shoulders back halfway and then slightly prop them up giving off a more proportionate look to my physique. In back pose (facing away from the judges) I will need to do the same thing except that I will also need to flare out my lats to make my waist look smaller. Again, it’s all about the illusion of a very specific physique; if you don’t have a particular shape or you just can’t build up more muscle in certain areas, then you position yourself so that you look like you do have it.

Here are some progress pics showing what how my posing has improved from my first session two months ago to now:

June                                        July                                         August

20160611_151422 20160723_151225 IMG_20160824_110503[1]

So as you can, practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to posing. If you are thinking of competing, start posing as early as possible.

Going forward I will be practicing for 15 to 20 minutes each day (up from 10 minutes) and on my weekly active rest day I will practice for at least 30 minutes. This way I will have enough time to go through each movement and getting comfortable just holding each pose since it does involve a lot of balance and flexing.

I plan on meeting with my coach another two times prior to show day to work out any others areas that I may be lacking and to be sure that I am stage ready. All in all it was another great session and just seeing my progress photos is more than enough to keep me going.

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My Contest Prep Meals

My approach to food during my prep has been a combination of simplicity and deliciousness; I focus on eating the foods that are in line with my goals but that also taste super great and are easy to prep. So here is what a typical day of eating looks like for me at 12 weeks out from my first show.

Meal 1

scrambled tofu

1 serving of lean protein with 1 cup of non-starchy veg and 1 tsp of oil. What you see here is my scrambled tofu with one cup of kale sautéed in 1 tsp of coconut oil. Sometimes I’ll add either hot sauce or salsa for a bit of added flavor.

Meal 2

20160519_215419           20150716_101419

1 serving of either a starchy vegetable like sweet potatoes or a whole grain like oats (the equivalent of 15 grams of carbs) with 1/4 cup of blueberries and a serving of lean protein. I will typically have an oat bran donut and protein chocolate mousse topped with the berries.

Meal 3 – I aim for 30 grams of carbs coming from a whole grain or starchy veg (usually 1/2 cup of quinoa or popcorn – 3 tablespoons of kernels yields 30 grams of carbs, or 2 slices of sprouted grain bread to make a sandwich) along with 1/4 cup of beans and 1 cup of non-starchy veg

Meal 4 – 1 serving of lean protein, 2 cups of non-starchy veg and 1/4 cup of raw nuts. Usually I’ll opt for this recipe:

Vegan Caesar Salad

caesar salad


2 cups mixed greens

2 tablespoons sliced onions

3 ounces extra firm tofu

1/4 cup almonds (soaked for 1 hour)

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar

Pinch of salt, pepper and oregano


Place mixed greens and onion in a bowl. In a food processor combine almonds, vinegar and spices, blend until smooth (can add a tablespoon of water if too thick). Poor dressing over greens and toss to combine.

Meal 5


1 serving of lean protein, 1/2 cup beans and 3 cups of non-starchy veg. Pictured here is 3 ounces of extra firm tofu with 1/2 cup lentils and a combo of green peppers, brocoli, kale and onions. Everything is sautéed together with a mix of spices and seasonings. FYI, this is the meal that I look forward to the least each day! No matter what combo of flavours or veg, by the time I get to this meal I’m usually fed up with all the fiber and vegetables…but it keeps me full and leads up to my favorite meal of the day!

Meal 6 – 1 serving of lean protein and either 1/4 cup of raw nuts or 2 tablespoons of nut butter or oil (the equivalent to 15 grams of fat). My go-to recipe that was a happy accident is what keeps me happy during my contest prep. Check it out below and try it out for yourself, I know you’ll love it.

Chocolate Drizzled Cookie Dough

cookie dough


1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1 tablespoon ground flaxseeds

1/2 tablespoon peanut butter *

2 squares of stevia sweetened dark chocolate **

Pinch of cinnamon


Combine protein powder, ground flax and cinnamon in a bowl. Add 1/4 cup of water and the peanut butter to the mix and stir to combine (you are looking to have a thick batter that resembles the consistency of typical cookie dough). Place chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and heat for about 1 minute on high in a microwave until fully melted. Slowly drizzle chocolate over the cookie dough mix and enjoy!

*Always opt for the natural nut butters where the only ingredient is nuts

** If you can’t find stevia sweetened dark chocolate, melt 100% dark chocolate with stevia instead. If you are caffeine sensitive opt for unsweetened carob chips instead of dark chocolate; in this case it would turn out more like a chocolate chip cookie dough batter.

So there you have it, 6 meals each day spaced out 2-3 hours apart. I always keep the same structure for my meals as listed above and all meals are consumed in this exact order each day regardless of the timing of my workouts. Usually I try to schedule in my workouts around the higher carb meals just for the extra fuel source, but I still find myself having great workouts regardless. Thankfully I am still enjoying my weekly treat meals, but now it’s very important to keep them balanced and to never overdo it and eat to the point where my tummy is super full…although last week’s meal did have me waddling out of the restaurant!

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Milestones on the Journey to Success


The definition of a milestone is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development, and I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”. Although we set goals and focus on reaching them (which is super important), the actual process of what we do in order to achieve that goal is what allows to really take in the entire experience, making the end result that much more worthwhile.

I’ve heard a lot of stories and read plenty of articles from bodybuilders both men and women who say that their contest prep is miserable or they get to the stage and look great, but then feel empty when the show is over regardless of how they placed. So many get caught up in looking perfect the day of or they get so intense about how hard it is to compete, that they don’t realize or appreciate how awesome the experience actually is. They get fed up with meal prep and eating all of their meals out of containers, they get fed up with workouts, the supplements and the amount of water that they have to drink. They end up stressed out over every potential hiccup that may or may not happen, instead of being able to step back and acknowledge that they are doing something unique and really spectacular. As a result, when all is said and done and the competition is over, many athletes find themselves thinking that it was so not worth it and either never compete again, or do compete again but end up with the exact same mind frame and experience.

When I took the decision to compete this coming November, I knew that it would be a challenge, but I set out to make the entire experience and process very positive. I would not go to any extremes where I would be so restricted with my calories that I would be starving all the time or eating the exact same thing each day and ultimately getting bored with the food. I decided to start early enough so that I could continuously eat well and incorporate my fitness and nutrition plan into my schedule without having to overhaul my entire life. The most effective contest preps, and healthy lifestyle for that matter, are the ones where you have control over your daily schedule and you set unbreakable appointments for cooking, meal prep, workouts, eating, sleep and downtime. Having a set schedule that works for you is one massive key aspect to accomplishment, whatever it may be. What is equally important is making the entire experience as pleasant as possible so that you can notice the small moments that are reached on your path towards your goal. If you are constantly focusing on the end result, you end up with tunnel vision the entire time and don’t fully take in everything that’s happening during the present moment; if you always look ahead and focus only the future, you may end up psyching yourself out altogether and having some serious anxiety.

The whole concept of living in the present sounds very hippie, but it actually has a big impact on your end result. Think about: when you are stressing out over something that you have coming up and constantly thinking “How am I going to do this” or “This is impossible to complete”, you end feeling so overwhelmed the entire time that when it’s all over you may think “Thank God it’s over” without fully appreciating all of the effort that went into your process. When you do look back, it’s almost always negative and it brings up those feelings of anxiety and stress again. There are several strategies that you can incorporate into each day leading up to your goal that can allow you to appreciate what’s happening all around you.

  • Meditate: There are plenty of free guided meditations available on countless websites that are so helpful. A few examples include, and These meditations allow you to quiet the endless stream of thoughts and focus on one specific thing for even just a few moments. This has a massive impact on your stress levels and overall health. If you haven’t tried yet, start now. Schedule it in as an unbreakable appointment into your calendar each day; even one minute alone is a big help to you.
  • Start a gratitude practice: Again, this will probably sound hippie to many, but it is invaluable to take a moment each to day recognize all that you have in your life. It is especially important when you are in the midst of something special. A great example is when you are going to school; take a moment to realize how fortunate you are to get an education, to be well enough to learn and develop your skills and to have the capacity and means to do so, instead of only seeing the stress and amount of work that you are dealing with in order to pass your classes. The goals that we set out to achieve are a privilege to have in and of themselves and taking time out to appreciate that will allow you to continue moving forward without the continual intense mindset that most of us typically have
  • Sharing your intention – Not only does sharing your intentions with those around you help to create accountability, but it also allows you to be more mindful of your progress. The people in your life will ask how things are going and where you’re at and this helps to slow things does so that you can take a look at what you are doing right then and there. To quote John Lennon “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”

These are thee strategies that I have been using each day to help me stay in the now and appreciate all of the different achievements that I reach each day. I have reached some amazing milestones and some small victories on my journey to the competition stage and acknowledging them has helped propel me forward to continue getting stronger. The first milestone was when I was finally able to do hanging leg raises with my legs straight instead of bent; when I completed that first set I was jumping for joy (on the inside as I was at the gym!) and from there I was able to complete the remaining four sets that followed. Most recently, it was completing a set of 50 low-wide squats on a smith machine; the first week that I tried it I got to fifteen before my legs gave out, but three weeks later I did it and each week that followed I did it again. My legs are stronger and I feel even more confident that I will crush it in November. The biggest milestone of all was when women started to approach me about my training asking about my plan and any suggestions that might help them, and a few days ago a friend of mine reached out to ask if we can start working out together every once and a while as she wants to start focusing more on getting fit. I am so grateful for this, not for the affirmation that what I am doing works, but for the fact that I am now in the capacity to share my knowledge about fitness and health with others and also share some great resources (many of which are free!) that some may have never found on their own. I am able to share a message that you can be plant-based and strong and that you can compete without turning into a miserable recluse. I also consider this milestone to be my biggest yet because it has allowed me to recognize that women are empowering themselves to take a proactive approach to their health and fitness. More and more people are seeking out the help and information that they need to better themselves and are stepping away from the traditional aerobics classes and cardio machine (although they are great!) and are venturing into the weight room to strength train instead. What a beautiful thing it is to be a part of this!

By now you may be thinking that all those hot yoga classes that I’ve been taking have finally turned me into a complete zen junkie, but so what? Each day I am able to acknowledge that I am accomplishing something for myself and I am aware of all of the small victories coming my way. Bodybuilding is an experience that doesn’t have to be this super hardcore version of diet and exercise, you can have the best of both worlds where you are strong and fit while being well and finding joy in each moment.

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Travel and Contest Prep



Traveling should be a fun experience whether it be for work or vacation, but most of the time it ends up being stressful and causing some logistics issues, especially during contest prep. Not only are you dealing with the usual packing and transport, but you also have to figure out your nutrition and workout game plan for your time away. This can cause some intense anxiety when trying to strategize your best options while still being able to stick to your regiment and enjoy yourself at the same time. Today we’ll look at a few things to consider when traveling and some tips on how to stay on track.

When it comes to exercise, this should be a fairly easy fix. Many hotels and resorts have gyms with plenty of equipment, machines and free weights, so be sure to choose one that offers this service. Check out the hotel’s website for photos of their fitness center and maybe check out some guests’ reviews to get a better idea of what you’ll be working with ahead of time. You also always have the option of sending an email to the hotel to get some more details directly from the source so that you can be prepared and maybe tweak your usual workout routine if needed. Some resorts even offer Zumba and yoga classes right on the beach for no extra fee, so take advantage if this is available to you. If you are renting a home or apartment during your time away, do a quick search a few weeks before your trip to find nearby fitness centers. Most will offer a short term weekly or daily membership for a small fee and some offer free trial for a few days or a week. If neither of those options work for you, then the next best thing is putting together a body weight training workout during your trip that you can easily do in your room or take it outside, weather permitting of course. Include squats, push-ups, lunges, plank, burpees and different variations of each in order to hit different muscle groups. Never neglect cardio either; go out for a run, hike or bike, but make sure that you really push it and give it your all. Consider bringing along resistance bands and weighted wrist and ankle wraps for added intensity. There are plenty of example strength and cardio training routines available on pretty much every fitness website, so do some research and get cracking.

The biggest challenge that you may run into in terms of getting in your workouts, is stepping away from what you’re doing and actually exercising. Think about it: you’re lying on a beach, listening to waves and enjoying the sun and then you realize that you need to get out of your bathing suit, put on your workout gear and hit the weights … just thinking about it sounds pretty unappealing. Whether you are exploring historical sights, lying around on a sandy beach or enjoying a shopping trip with friends, exercise is crucial not only during contest prep, but for anyone living a fit lifestyle. In the past, anytime I would travel I would always plan to workout and I would even bring all my gear with me, but then I would never do it. I would think: “Whatever, I’m on vacation. I’ll get back to my workouts when I’m home again.” Then I would get back home and realize that I’ve gained 6 pounds in a week and my clothes feel tighter than before. Don’t let this happen to you; learn from my mistakes and get your workouts in. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste, keep at it and remember that being healthy, fit and well is a lifestyle, not a short term crash diet/workout routine that’s used to squeeze into a bikini. It does take discipline and commitment, but it is so worth it. You will have far more energy and be able to enjoy yourself even more during your travels by treating your body with the respect that it deserves.

Nutrition is a real tough one, especially if you’ll be traveling outside of the country and have to pass through customs. On the other hand if you’re staying within the same country, then no problem. Most athletes will prep, freeze and pack a good portion of meals with them in a cooler and a lot of bodybuilders even travel with their version of a mobile kitchen which includes a small portable grill and rice cooker. This is perfect if you are in the last few weeks leading up to your competition and will be staying at a hotel without any kind of kitchen equipment. Most hotels will have the option of a mini fridge and microwave upon request, but you may be limited, so by prepping everything and bringing any extras, you end up taking a lot of the guess work out. If this sounds like too much of a hassle or if you are staying at a place with a fully equipped kitchen, then find the nearest grocery store and stock up on all of your usual essentials. If you are traveling to another country, then you’ll need to seriously research and prep yourself ahead of time. For the most part, you can’t cross borders with any dairy, meat, fluids, eggs and produce, so don’t bother prepping any meals in advance because they will just get tossed out at security. In this case your best option is to bring along supplements and certain dried foods that are all fully sealed. Vitamins, protein powders and others are fine so long as they are fully sealed in their original packaging and list all of their ingredients. Other good options to bring with you are individual serving sized packs of plain oatmeal, brown rice cakes and crackers. If you are flying out to your destination, you can choose the inflight cuisine, but check out what they offer in advance to be on the safe side that it goes with your diet plan. The good news is that most airports offer healthy options at their shops and restaurants, so you should be able to find a healthy meal or some snacks as needed. Even most fast food places offer salads, so worst case scenario order the veggie burger without the bun and opt for salad instead of fries. Certain items that you should always stay away from include any kind of breaded meats, creamy sauces and dressings, fruit and yogurt parfaits (they tend to have tons of added sugars, syrups and fats), same goes for granola and protein bars (read your labels carefully!). Also try to stay away from smoothie and juice bars as most of these places use juices that have added sugars or have way to much fruit or grains or fats (like nut butters and avocado) which will ultimately end up throwing your macros and overall calories out of whack. Although these things might be healthy in small doses, if you eat too much of a fruit, whole grain, or healthy fat, it will affect your body composition and progress. In terms of snacks stop by one the airport’s shops or restaurants for some crudité and hummus, or small packs of unsalted/unsweetened nuts and consider bringing along a few individual serving sized packs of protein powder just case there are delays and what-not so you’re not stuck somewhere starving.

When you reach the destination, the hard part is again actually sticking to your plan. It’s tough, especially when you may have special events planned or want to visit restaurants and try the local cuisine. If you are in contest prep, well this is just non-negotiable, but if not and you just want to stay on track without overdoing it, then you may want to opt for the 80/20 rule. In this case, each day 80% of your nutrition is in keeping with your goals and the other 20% comes from some more decadent sources like a few bites of desert or pasta, a small slice of pizza or a few French fries, etc. That way you can still partake without stuffing yourself. Just be sure to eat loads of veg and some lean protein first that way when you get to the treat, you’ll already be pretty satisfied and will be less likely to overeat. I know that many people right now might be thinking that these strategies totally suck and sound like no fun, but do you really want to waste all of your hard work for some unhealthy greasy food, that will only lead to your feeling bloated and insecure about your body yet again? Spending your travel time eating junk food is no way of loving yourself and rationalizing with yourself that “you’re on vacation and deserve it” is really no way to live; you’ll just end up gaining back any weight that you’ve worked hard to lose and start the yo-yo diet cycle all over again.

Two months before my first competition I will be heading out to my honeymoon for a week at a beach resort, so I’ll definitely be following very specific strategies during my trip; although it certainly helps that my future husband trains and eats as regimented as I do. When planning out trip with the travel agent the must-haves that we were looking for in our destination included a fully equipped gym and plenty of food/restaurant options. We were easily able to find the ideal spot for us, I’ll be able to still get in my workouts and follow my nutrition plan while still enjoying the sun. I’m sure that it will be tough with all of the exotic cuisine being right in front of me, but I know that I can still enjoy food without feeling obliged to eat everything insight just because it’s there. It also helps that I don’t drink anymore and that I’m vegan; most deserts at hotels and resorts typically have dairy and eggs so it’ll make it easy for me to make smart choices. I’ll be traveling when I’ll be eight weeks out of my competition and I will still be able to have a fantastic experience while staying on track.

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